Dream World in Bangkok
A visit to Dream World theme park is a fun-filled, entertaining day out where, as the name suggests, children s fantasies become realities..
A visit to Dream World theme park is a fun-filled, entertaining day out where, as the name suggests, children’s fantasies become realities: they can sleigh or make snow angels in Snow Land, ride a rollercoaster up Space Mountain, and meet Cinderella and Pocahontas all in one day. While Dream World’s high-octane rides might not measure up to the best of American or Japanese theme parks’, the sights and attractions for smaller children are excellent and ensure an exciting family day out and a lot of memorable photographs.

Although it’s not actually located in Bangkok, Dream World is only a short ride up the motorway, past Don Muang, the old international airport. Tickets cost 650baht for entrance and unlimited rides, although this excludes Snow Town which costs 150baht extra. If you book a day tour everything is included.

The entrance to the park sets the scene for the fantastical experience to come: friendly, green aliens laughing beneath medieval castle walls. It makes no sense but children love it! If you have ever visited a Western theme park you will recognise many of the same features: cheerful music piped throughout the park, swathes of manicured gardens, flowers and water features, and a plenty of maps dotted here and there to help you navigate your way around. The park is split into four sections but just strolling around will take you through every section.

The more hair-raising rides include old favourites like Space Mountain, a roller coaster which zips along through the pitch darkness, and the Viking ship. However, the top rides in the park are undoubtedly the iconic Sky Coaster, a fairly modern roller coaster that twists and rolls as passenger’s feet dangle freely from their securely harnessed seat, and Super Splash, which is sure to give riders a refreshing shower whether they want it or not. Beyond these, the options available to teenagers are fairly limited but still ensure screams and howls keep ringing throughout the park.

Besides the rides, there are so many things of interest dotted around the park: a fallen colossus half buried in the ground makes for a great group photograph, and a love garden (so called because it is dedicated to all things romantic) is always popular for couples to stroll through hand-in-hand and take a picture of their special date. Photographers will rarely have the chance to put their camera away with so many character-cut-out amusements, you know, the ones that have a hole cut out through which you put your face: in one day you can be Superman, James Bond, a princess and a vampire!

The food on offer is a definitely child orientated – popular American style fast-food, candy floss, and ice creams are on offer throughout the park from many booths, along with more nutritious Thai favourites like som-tam and pad-Thai, all at much lower prices than you’d find in European theme parks. Another option is to book a day tour which includes a buffet lunch as this food is of a higher standard.

There are several shows taking place throughout the day such as the Animal Show and the Stunt Show, which are entertaining without being spectacular, and, in the afternoon, there is a parade along the thoroughfares of the park. This is one of the highlights of a day at Dream World and should not be missed. There is an endless stream of famous characters, cute mascots and performing clowns who dance and wave their way around to the delight of kids and parents.

The majority of the visitors are tourists but numbers swell during the weekend when many more local Thais visit the park. As such, it is recommended to visit during the week, although even on Saturday, queues for the most popular rides rarely last for more than ten minutes. A visit to Dream World is an exciting day out for children, and with enough to keep the teens and adults entertained you can guarantee it will memorable holiday highlight for everyone.